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by Pino CabrasMegachip.

The arrest of Emergency staff in Afghanistan—carried out through the war-on-terror “passepartout”—removes another stumbling block to the bloodshed in the Near and Middle East. Various secret services are increasing the pressure on the voices at variance with the pattern designed by G.W. Bush and continued by Obama.

In this pattern, the investigative machinery plays an important role, one which is ready to serve and integrate itself with that of the military occupying forces.
The investigation is plainly manipulated. In recent days, we have learned the news that hundreds of detainees in Guantanamo were innocent, that the secret services knew it, that although top officers in US Administration knew it, they did nothing to take them away from the Caribbean gulag: the falsified evidence cannot be revealed without collapsing the ideological framework supporting the war, which needed to show the bodies of hordes of terrorists. (See George W. Bush ‘knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent’, by Tim Reid)
Opponents, insurgents, and even unwitting people were marked with the “terrorist” label, the bogeyman to be fought under exceptional circumstances: through special and new laws, through a new legal apparatus which unilaterally denied even the laws of conventional war.
What has been crucial in all this, was the media intoxication. Machineries with huge financial means at their disposal have flooded the media with a massive load of fake information and news.
Those who are paying for all this today are the members from the organization set up by Gino Strada. Years of concrete commitment by Emergency, in order to save human lives and to witness the failure of war, risk being swept away by this huge operation in which any news from official sources is pathetically suspicious. The directors of the operation have even tried to deny NATO’s involvement, but their version was refuted with video within few hours. The direct presence of the occupying forces allows any manipulation of evidence, any false clue and any staged finding of weapons, just as the ones carried out in Genoa during the 2001 G8.
Now the media are parroting the prompting from Murdoch’s “Sunday Times” paper about the Italians who “have owned up”. This is news that has been taken from “Afghan official sources”, that is, from officers of a failed State that is in the pay of invaders. 
The same sort of officials who held the mediator in Daniele Mastrogiacomo’s liberation, Ramatullah Anefi, in prison for months, under the false accusation of being the instigator of the kidnapping and of having met him several times during his imprisonment.
Do not let yourselves be led astray by Frattini, Gasparri and some sycophantic journalists. We can venture the most sensible prediction that can be made: the news about the “confession” will be reduced, at most, to the fact that the operators might have admitted to knowing some Taliban fighters. That’s a more than natural thing for anyone who wants to provide medical aid without siding with anyone in a territory devastated by war; that’s what Emergency has been doing since the start. 
Yet, it’s a scandal to see the media reporting on the front pages that “they have owned up”. In this way, faces of courageous and innocent Italians are shamefully stained with far-fetched conspiracy assumptions, sealed by paranoid diplomats. Minister Frattini has had his own share in the intimidation of Gino Strada by saying that “It’s not a political matter”, which smells of petty fascism.
Instead, we must say firmly that it’s a political question and report the slaughters, which look clearly planned, that will take place tomorrow, in addition to the dreadful ones of yesterday.
Either we believe Frattini, who has unrolled red carpets to welcome liars who committed crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, or we believe Gino Strada, who has denounced the lies of war in those same structures, now put into jeopardy by Frattini, while trying as much as he could to treat forty percent of the victims of those lies: the children.
The donation to Emergency, on our income tax return, would be the first and strongest answer we can give in these weeks.

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Join us on Saturday, April 17th in Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy

On Saturday, April 10, soldiers of the Afghan army and the International Coalition Forces attacked the Emergency Surgical Centre of Lashkar-gah and arrested members of the national and international staff. Three of them are Italian citizens: Matteo Dell’Aira, Marco Garatti e Matteo Pagani.
EMERGENCY is an independent and neutral organisation. Since 1999, EMERGENCY in Afghanistan has provided medical assistance free-of-charge to over 2,500,000 Afghan citizens, by establishing three surgical hospitals, a maternity centre and a network of 28 first aid posts.

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Source: MegachipEmergenza Emergency
Original article published on 12 April 2010
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